Wellbeing (Workshops)

Can o’r Galon.....Song from the Heart

Belinda Canevali
A coming together to learn and share a song ....to bring heart and thankfulness to ourselves, the festival community and the beautiful gardens.

Celtic drumming and Tibetan bowl

Alan Drwm
Using Celtic drum for meditation and ritual as well as jigs and reels Using Tibetan bowls for meditation and healing.

Family Yoga

Natasha White
Laugh out loud fun for everyone! Yoga breathing practice, yoga poses, yoga games, yoga sounds and stories. Suitable for all the family. No need to bring anything but a smile.

Laughter medicine

Jo Steele
Laughter workshop to make us feel good, light and free. Led by Jo this is the simplest workshop ever! We will fake it til we make it, a circle of laughers. No experience necessary, just a willingness to try and be open to life.

Self Connection Qigong

Rik Midgley
Explore and enhance awareness of the mind body interaction from a tangible perspective, calming the mind, cultivating non-reactivity and empowering choice. Also, it's fun and you will feel great for doing it!


Katie Roberts
Hatha Yoga taught by Katie Roberts of Soulshine Yoga 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. All welcome. Come connect with body and breath, stretch and release

Wellbeing (in the Lotus Bell)

Can o’r Galon.....Song from the Heart

Belinda Canevali
A coming together to learn and share a song ....to bring heart and thankfulness to ourselves, the festival community and the beautiful gardens.

Dreaming drum and or Tibetan bowl healing

Alan Drwm
One to one experience under large dreaming.

Kansa wand facial/ head massage

Pat Griffiths
The Kansa wand (a dome of healing metal) gently massages over the face or head, along the meridians and marma points. Leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Anwen Thomas of Troedio
Reflexology is a non-invasive, light touch.

More Workshops

African Link Drumming

Steve Murphy

Creative Family Dance

Jules, Feel Good Company
Creative family dance with Jules from Feel Good Company

Digeridoo Workshop

Stuart Bond
Rhythmic breath yidaki (didgeridoo) workshop. Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Instruments will be available but please do bring your own if you can.

Introduction to Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Nikki Wolf
Learn how to do a seated massage. This workshop will cover massage techniques for the upper-back, shoulders and neck; areas where most people carry their stress and tension. With just these techniques, a chair and a pair of hands, you'll be able to give an oil-free massage to anyone, anywhere. Your friends and family will love you!

Learn Salsa

Jennie Jones and Douglas Morris
Doug and Jennie are passionate advocates of the joys of dance and its become a big part of our social life. Come and join us for a fun session of Cuban style salsa. You can be dancing all night mastering just a few basic steps.

Singing from the Soul

Abi Sophie Beath
Singing in our western culture has become very focussed on performance and judgement, which means that most people are nervous to sing in front of others. But singing ought to be less about the noise we make, and more about the JOY WE FEEL singing when we are relaxed, happy and not self-conscious. If you can laugh you can sing, so come and enjoy yourself!

All Day Long Activities

Out of the Woods

Lisa Hudsonout
Out of the Woods - Draig Beats will be the very first stop on the journey of the Talking Stick, which will travel around Wales, collecting messages and creating conversations, on the way to exhibition in the woods at the Bleddyn Centre, Radnorshire. Come and share your messages for the trees with artist Lisa Hudson.

Soundwood Links

Tim Cumine
SoundWood Links will be installing 2 marvellous musical devices on site: Cardboard tubes, reclaimed from carpet sales, cut to length and belted on one open end provide a super booming sound. New to Draig Beats this year, scaffold bells, it's time to try some giant chimes!

Syrcas Cimera

Kate Jones
Family Circus Workshop and Stilt Characters